Safety Policy Statement

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Our company is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our staff. A combination of measures will be used to minimize worker exposure to COVID-19, including the most effective control technologies available. Our work procedures will protect not only our workers, but also other workers who enter our facilities. All employees must follow the procedures outlined in this plan to prevent or reduce exposure to COVID-19.

RKM Crane Services is committed to providing a strong safety program that protects its employees, its property and the public. We will not compromise the safety of our employees for any reason.

Our Company

We are committed to building our Company to be the industry leader in workplace health and safety.

Our People

We will provide our employees with training, tools and equipment to enable them to perform their assignments safely. We require commitment by all employees to The Company Safety Program.

Our Clients

We will support our clients with the same commitment, energy and enthusiasm in their effort to protect their employees and property as we do our own.

Our Community

We will be good corporate citizens when entering the community by demonstrating our support for the safety, health and welfare of all citizens.

Our goal is to have an injury and accident-free workplace and to return each employee to his/her home safely each day. No task is so important as to risk injury and/or death.

Safety Assured


RKM Crane Services is committed to providing the safest and healthiest workplaces achievable. This commitment is not exclusive to our employees; it extends to our clients and their employees, the public, subcontractors, visitors, consultants, regulatory inspectors and all other persons who may be affected by our activities, or the hazards inherent to the project sites.

Our philosophy toward safety is reflected in the manner in which we conduct our day-to-day business. Whether it is a single lift or a long-term project, we utilize only qualified operators trained on all aspects of safety and work requirements.

From daily toolbox meetings to monthly safety meetings, we ensure that our employees are aware of the potential hazards in their work areas and provide them with appropriate safety equipment of the highest quality.

Our commitment to safety does not end there. We require that not only our sub-contractors, but also suppliers demonstrate a willingness to adhere to our safety rules and regulations.

The general safety policies, hazard/risk assessment procedures and safe work practices are contained in the RKM Crane Services Ltd. Safety Manual, which is updated throughout the year to include applicable legislative and work requirement changes.

We recognize that responsibilities for safety are shared:

  • RKM Crane Services Ltd., as the employer, accepts the responsibility for the leadership of the safety program, its effectiveness, and its maintenance and for providing the safeguards required to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Our Managers are responsible for the establishment, implementation, monitoring, control and update of safety systems and procedures. They also ensure our employees receive continuous safety education programs and training.

  • Our Supervisors are viewed as role models and are responsible for the development of positive attitudes toward safety in themselves, and in those they supervise. They are to ensure that all work activities are performed with the utmost regard for the health and safety of the personnel involved.

  • Our Employees are responsible for the genuine cooperation with all aspects of our safety program, rules and regulations and for continually practicing safety in all aspects of their work. Compliance is the expected norm.

Safety Statistics


RKM Crane Services Ltd. tracks its safety performance in each province that it performs service. The data is collected and sent out to management and supervisors on a monthly basis as they are ones responsible for implementing our commitment to the safety program. Safety statistics are available to the customer upon request.